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A.V.M. Gang Awareness Night 4/16/07

Learning Goals 2

Learning Goals 1
Learning Goals 2
People Vs. Folk
Style vs. Identifiers
Culture of Dominance
MS 13
Neo Nazi/Sharps
Gangster Diciples
Latin Kings
Vice Lords
Gangster two-six
Support and Counseling
Support Numbers
Bolingbrook/Romeoville Community Programs
Contact Us
works cited/ thank yous
On this page our learning objectives are explained.

-How Security Threat Groups change
How can you and your community effectively change the interaction of Security Threat Groups? In the Gang Awareness program you will learn how to use prevention, intervention and suppression efforts to alter outcomes.


-Current Trends within various Security threat Groups
You will learn common and current identifiers for Security Threat Groups and gangs.


Community Outreach and Support
A large part of analyzing Security Threat Groups is understanding where they have come from and they exist. This forces us to examine our communities and neighborhoods to find alternatives to gang affiliation. What is offered in your area to keep our students from turning to gangs or drug abuse?