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A.V.M. Gang Awareness Night 4/16/07

Support and Counseling
Learning Goals 1
Learning Goals 2
People Vs. Folk
Style vs. Identifiers
Culture of Dominance
MS 13
Neo Nazi/Sharps
Gangster Diciples
Latin Kings
Vice Lords
Gangster two-six
Support and Counseling
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Bolingbrook/Romeoville Community Programs
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There is help available!


There are many ways that you can support family members that are getting involved in or have many years within gangs/hate groups.

For Parents:

Parents, educators, and other concerned adults should watch for signs of gang involvement. Changes in a child's behavior or activities, which may be early warning signs of gang involvement include:

Change in types of friends

Changes in dress habits, such as wearing the same color combination all the time (note: that style changes quickly and just because a child wears a certain type of clothing does not mean he or she is in a gang)

Displaying gang symbols on books, clothing, or locker

Wearing tattoos, carrying extra cash from unknown sources

Carrying a weapon

Losing interest in school and family

Getting arrested or detained by police

Becoming truant

Using alcohol and other drugs

Talking in gang-style language

Using hand signals to communicate with others.

Parents, educators, and other concerned adults should watch for signs of gang involvement. Parents can:

Learn the signs of gang activity such as graffiti, hand signs, clothing styles, or colors

Learn why youth join gangs and how to counter those influences

Communicate effectively with children

Get involved in programs that create healthy outlets sports, hobbies, youth clubs...

Know their child's friends

Discuss with their child consequences of being in a gang

Contact their local law enforcement agency or juvenile probation department to find out up-to-date information on gangs

Go to religious leaders for advice on programs their child can get involved in

Start a program to report and immediately remove any graffiti in their neighborhood.

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