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A.V.M. Gang Awareness Night 4/16/07

Gangster two-six

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Gangster two-six
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Large Chicago based population

Two-Six Biography
The Gangster Two Six Nation, also known as GTS, G26, and TSN, has been described by Chicago police as "one of the largest and most dominant Mexican street gangs in Chicago."[1] The Two-Six originated approximately 30 years ago in the Little Village community along 26th street in Chicago. Since their formation the group has spread to other cities and counties in Illinois.[2] Their symbols include a playboy bunny with the right ear bent, though it has been drawn without the bent ear, and three dots.You can also include the symbol of Bugs Bunny, or the heart, the clover, and the diamond, as their main symbol. One of their main slogans is "Two six nation for life!!" "No Love!"

The Two-Six are Folks in the prison system,but on the streets the gang has taken a renegade mentality.Anybody who enters Two-Six territory claiming anything other than Two-Six is in danger.They have a long standing rivalry with the Latin Kings street gang. Members consist of mostly hispanic, but include large amount of Whites, and some blacks. On March 30, 2006, Chicago law enforcement announced an 11-month undercover investigation has wiped out a group of Latin Kings and rival members of the Two-Six gang. As many as 8 murders and 20 shootings have been tied to the violence between the two gangs in Little Village from 2003 to 2006. Police began conducting undercover purchases of drugs from the dealers since April 2005 in response to the persistent violence that plagued the area. The investigation centered on one of the most entrenched gang divisions in the city -- the area along Millard that separates the Kings from the Two-Six. One investigator said "If you cross that line, that's it, it's grounds for murder.[citation needed] Their colors are Black and Beige.



2-6 Hand Signs
Folk Gang signs are used for 2-6.


2-6 Signs Graffiti