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A.V.M. Gang Awareness Night 4/16/07

People Vs. Folk
Learning Goals 1
Learning Goals 2
People Vs. Folk
Style vs. Identifiers
Culture of Dominance
MS 13
Neo Nazi/Sharps
Gangster Diciples
Latin Kings
Vice Lords
Gangster two-six
Support and Counseling
Support Numbers
Bolingbrook/Romeoville Community Programs
Contact Us
works cited/ thank yous

Two Gang Nations
"All is All" and "All is Well" (People)
"All is One." (Folk)

Folk and People gang nations are distinguished with the following colors. Some gangs may have similar colors but their affiliation of gang nation is a more accurate way to distinguish what a gang stands for.

The trend of representing gang affiliation by wearing colors is one that has died down from the early 90's. The individuals that are really entrenched in gang life do not want to be identified by the community and do not seek to show others what they are involved with.



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