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A.V.M. Gang Awareness Night 4/16/07

works cited/ thank yous

Learning Goals 1
Learning Goals 2
People Vs. Folk
Style vs. Identifiers
Culture of Dominance
MS 13
Neo Nazi/Sharps
Gangster Diciples
Latin Kings
Vice Lords
Gangster two-six
Support and Counseling
Support Numbers
Bolingbrook/Romeoville Community Programs
Contact Us
works cited/ thank yous

Here are references for the information used to build this web-site/program. This site could not have been made without the hard work of many other people. Thank you for your contributions.

Gang bios were created by the use of

Chicago Gang info and some pictures were made with the use
of This site was also used for some Chicago support numbers.

Some gang signs and symbols were provided by Google images.

Some hand signs were provided by

Illinois Department of Corrections provided quite a lot of information and pictures.

Community Programs were found through

Thank you to the Romeoville and Bolingbrook Police Departments for their contributions.

Valley View 365U thanks for facilitating our program.

Lastly Bridgette Sprovieri, thanks for everything you do and continue to do.

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