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A.V.M. Gang Awareness Night 4/16/07

Support Numbers
Learning Goals 1
Learning Goals 2
People Vs. Folk
Style vs. Identifiers
Culture of Dominance
MS 13
Neo Nazi/Sharps
Gangster Diciples
Latin Kings
Vice Lords
Gangster two-six
Support and Counseling
Support Numbers
Bolingbrook/Romeoville Community Programs
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Get the support that you need.

The following is a list of support providers for families that are coping with the affect of gangs.

Mayor's Office of Inquiry and Information - Chicago 312-744-5000

Narcotics Unit, Cook County State's Attorney's Office Hotline 312-890-2724

National Cocaine Hotline 800-COCAINE

National Crime Prevention Council 202-466-NCPC

National Clearinghouse for Alcohol and Drug Information 301-469-2600

National Institute on Drug and Alcohol Abuse 800-662-HELP

National Runaway Switchboard (Illinois) 800-621-4000

Neighborhood Relations, Chicago Police Department 312-747-5485

Northeastern Metropolitan Enforcement Group (NEMEG) 708-449-1000

Northwest Suburban R.A.P.P. (Regional Action Planning Project) 708-537-9197

Northwest Youth Outreach 312-777-7112

Occupational Program Consultants Organizations 614-464-0191

Parents Against Gangs 312-890-2724

Preventive Program Division, Chicago Police Department 312-747-5490

Spectrum Youth and Family Services 708-884-6212

US Department of Education / "Schools Without Drugs" 800-624-0100

US Drug Enforcement Administration (Public Affairs) 202-466-NCPC

United Way - Community Information & Referral 312-876-0010

United Way - Suburban Chicago 312-242-2540

Victim / Witness Assistance Unit, Cook Count State's Attorney 312-890-7200